Here’s Our Story

Why we do it:

Family, Friends, Food and Fun…quite simply has been our collective creed of what makes life worth it. It is that ideal that we strive to create and perpetuate at Las Hachas. Founded by family, supported by friends, built around food with the goal of having fun.

Our mission/goal:

This is where it gets personal. Not only is Las Hachas a family endeavor, not only does Las Hachas strive to provide every single individual who enters our doors to have the time of their lives, but we also aim to be an integral part of the rebirth of a town. All 3 founders being from New Kensington, we have a pride for and a belief in this town, we feel that we have a responsibility towards this town to help lift it back to its once famed prominence.

Not even lying

This town is being reborn

It started with a brewery.  Then slowly vacant building by vacant building became a storefront.  Our hometown, where we all grew up, is on a fast track to revitalization.  The community that once felt deserted is now being rebuilt, one idea at a time.  Come support our community and the all of our friends.

Slangin axes with a purpose

Community Tax

We believe that you allow us to do business in your community, therefore, through our 3% community tax we are always able to give back.  This is a small way for us to lead the rebuild of the community we call home.  We encourage you to learn more about our efforts, nominate causes for us to support, and participate as change drivers at a local level.

Awesome Community Activities

There are countless ways to get involved.  Whether through donating money or time we are always seeking ways to give back. We hope to see you with us at the next event!